The Best Mobility Scooter for the Outdoors: What Are the Best Models?

Best mobility scooter for outdoorsAre you an outdoorsy person who can’t walk long distances because of such reasons as illness, injury, older age or adisability? Well, there’s a fun and exciting solution that will help you step out (not necessarily in the literal sense though) – an outdoor mobility scooter.

Outdoor mobility scooters are generally meant for outdoor use. With one of them you can run errands, go to the mall, do your own shopping, visit friends and family, and generally get around without any assistance. That’s the kind of independence you need.

With that in mind, how do you go about choosing the best mobility scooter for outdoors? We have all that and more, read on to find out.


Outdoor Mobility Scooter Reviews

Brand & Model
Weight Support
Charge Distance
Check Price
Buzzaround Extreme 4 WheelBuzzaround EX Extreme 4 wheel
18 Miles
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E-Wheels EW-36 RedE-Wheels EW-36 Red Mobility Scooter


45 Miles


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Victory 10 LXVictory 10 LX outdoor mobility scooter
16 Miles
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E-Wheels EW-36 3WheelE-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Electric Senior Mobility Scooter
45 Miles
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E-Wheels EW-36 EliteE-Wheels EW-36 Elite Mobility Scooter


45 Miles


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Why an Outdoor Mobility Scooter Is Better Than an Ordinary One

Generally speaking, a mobility scooter will help you regain your independence due to old age or after an injury or illness. If it’s an outdoor mobility scooter then it will serve you even better because most of them can also be used indoors. Meaning you will only need that one scooter for your indoor and outdoor use.

And since it is designed for the outdoors, you will be able to get out of the house and do your shopping or interact with other people. That’s a lot better than being stuck indoors with the TV. The good news is that nowadays most public spaces are designed to accommodate mobility scooters. You won’t find it difficult to access places like malls, sporting facilities or even entertainment centers.

Depending on how well it can handle outdoor terrain, you may be able to use your mobility scooter for all your fun activities, including golfing, camping and hiking. Typically, the best mobility scooter for outdoors should be solid enough to climb fairly steep hills, something that an ordinary one cannot do.

In short, there are more pros to having an outdoor mobility scooter than an indoor one. Just make sure the model you choose is the best. Below we have a comprehensive buying guide that includes the best mobility scooters for outdoor use.


Things to Consider and Product Recommendations

Most outdoor mobility scooter reviews will recommend that you pick a heavy duty scooter. That is absolutely correct. Heavy duty scooters have a higher weight capacity of 350 to 500 pounds and can navigate the rough outdoor terrain with little to no problem.

They come with a powerful battery and motor, both of which account for the scooters’ ability to go long distances and remain stable even when you are travelling off-road. With that in mind, here are the specifics to look out for if you want to buy the best mobility scooter for outdoors.

  • Tires

Because of the rough terrain of the outdoors, you may want to stay clear of the standard rubber tires. Instead, pick mobility scooters that have either solid or foam-filled tires. Those ones will not just last longer but they will also go smoothly regardless of the rough terrain. The bigger the tires the better the performance.

A good example is the Afikim Afiscooter S4 Scooter which has large pneumatic wheels. An equally great option is the Drive Medical Maverick Executive Mobility Scooter that has huge 19.5-inch tires.

  • Travel range

The other thing that you want in your outdoor mobility scooter is long travel range. That is mainly determined by the battery. Large batteries will allow you to travel longer. Also, powerful batteries will help you navigate hilly and rough terrains with ease. You need that combination of durability and power in your battery, otherwise you may end up getting stranded somewhere far from home.

The Drive Medical Maverick Executive Mobility Scooter can do an impressive 35 miles with its 75Ah batteries. That’s quite a distance. If you are not planning to go that far (ever) on your scooter you could consider the Victory 10 Pride SC710 Mobility Scooter that has a travel range of 25 miles. It won’t be comfortable when you travel off-road because of the relatively small tires but it is perfect for pavements.

  • Portability

If you are looking for an outdoor scooter that will complement your car then make sure the scooter is portable. Ideally you want one that you can disassemble and carry to and from the car. Such models are perfect for those days when you have to drive up a particular point before hoping on your scooter for the rest of the journey.

The Victory 10 Pride SC710 Mobility Scooter can be disassembled easily. So can the Drive Medical Ventura 4 Wheel Dlx Scooter. Both are well-sized to fit in an ordinary car when disassembled.

  • Maximum speed

If you are planning to travel long distances then the best mobility scooter for you needs to have a fairly high top speed. You don’t want to be late for important events, meetings and meet ups. Worse yet you don’t want to find yourself on a scooter, far away from home and at night simply because the scooter wasn’t fast enough to get you home on time.

With that in mind there are several models that have impressive top speeds. For instance, the Afikim Afiscooter S4 Scooter has a top speed of 7.4mph. An even better option is the Royale 4 Dual Mobility Scooter which can cruise as fast as 9.3mph. Both offer a better deal considering most mobility scooters can’t do more than 5mph.

  • Additional features

In addition to those 4 key features, there are add-ons that are guaranteed to make your mobility scooter more useful. If it has a full lighting package (including headlights, parking lights and even turn signals) then you can use it as comfortably at night as during the day. The presence of rear view mirrors will also offer added safety. And if you frequently visit the mall you may need your mobility scooter to come with a shopping basket.

The Final Word

In sum, as long as you have the best mobility scooter for outdoors you won’t have any issues getting around town. It will help you stay active and social, and you need that for your physical as well as mental well-being. So by all means buy a mobility scooter than will give you your independence back, whether you are indoors or outdoors. If you want to look at other types of mobility scooters go back to our homepage